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Sheep Feed & Accessories

We keep a great range of nutritious feeds and supplements for sheep and lambs. Wether you're looking for a milk replacement pellet for your lambs, or a complete sheep diet, we'll have what 'Ewe' need. (That's a sheep joke)

In addition to the rations we sell, we also stock lick blocks, worming drench, lice control, and a number of water and feed troughs. We can also help you with castration needs, shears, and a number of specialist tools available by special order.

We offer advice from our resident sheep farmer to anyone who has a question or concern about their animals.

Some of our feed suppliers include Milne Feeds, WA Consolidated Grains and Thompson & Redwood. We are also able to arrange feeds from a number of other suppliers not listed here.

Ewe will love our

Sheep feed

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