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Poultry Feed & Accessories

Our poultry feed and accessories selection is one of the biggest in Western Australia. We pride ourselves on carrying feeds suitable for poultry for all stages of life, as well as feeders and waterers, poultry medication, health products, and nesting material. 

We stock feeds from ALL reputable manufacturers in WA, as well as premium manufacturers in the Eastern states.

Come and speak to our stockfeed specialist today and see what we can do to improve the nutrition for your poultry.

Some of our feed suppliers include Milne feeds, Thompson & Redwood, Chaff City, Lauke Mills, and Feedrite. We are also able to arrange feeds from a number of other suppliers not listed here.

Can't decide on what feeders or waterers to use ? come and take a look at our huge range in store. We've got plastic (more economic) and metal (longer lasting) feeders and waterers, ranging in size from 600ml, right up to 20 litres, and from 1kg up to 20kg.

We also keep a range of automatic waterers that are able to be 'plumbed in' to your mains water, saving you from having to refill.



Pellets are ideal for birds that like to 'sift out' feeds as they're large in size and identical in their nutrition. This stops birds from picking out the parts they like and wasting the rest, ensuring your birds get a balanced ration.

Crumble is similar to pellets in that it's all identical and stops selective eating, but the size of the crumble allows for smaller birds to eat it, and those that prefer a small feed size.

Grain Mix is a great combination of grains that allows birds to naturally scratch and peck the seeds they like. It is ideal for birds that also get household scraps.

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We're OPEN 7 Days

We have a HUGE range of poultry feeders and waterers !

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Which feed do I need ?

Layer Pellets

Layer Crumble

Grain Mix

We have a range of supplements available in store

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