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Hay Bales & Rolls

We pride ourselves on keeping only the best quality hay and straw. There's more to hay and straw than just buying from a farmer. We carefully select products grown in the correct region, with the proper weed and pest control, and only from reputable growers with years of experience.

When you buy from Brigadoon Produce you can be guaranteed quality or your money back.

We keep a vast range of hay and straw, these products include,

Oaten Hay in bales, 4 foot rolls, and compressed bales, Lucerne Hay, Quality Southern Grown Meadow Hay in bales and rolls, Rhodes Grass, Wheaten Hay, Barley Straw suitable for feed or bedding, and Pea Hay.

Speak to one of our friendly team members to learn more about what hay or straw would best suit your requirments.

We're able to supply hay suitable for interstate travel

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